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Which Bermuda Is Right for You?

by Team Popupla
Swimming Come on in, the water's just fine out here. All photos courtesy Bermuda Tourism Authority.

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BERMUDA — For every traveler, there is a perfect Bermuda.

The small Atlantic island (only 90 minutes from NYC!) offers an impressive number of options and activities for travelers — from below the sea up to the skies, with plenty to do on the ground in between (three words: pink. sand. beaches.). Bermuda's welcoming diversity is reflected in its cultures, history, and offerings, making it easy to find the hotel, restaurant, beach, and experience that's right for you. Consider this your easy-breezy cheat sheet to a perfect Bermuda getaway this holiday season (yes, there's still time to go!) or anytime.

I Need a Getaway

Sound Familiar? "I have too many emails, too many meetings, too little me-time."

Best Holiday Activity: in the Town of St. George is an elegant and genteel stroll back in time. Visit beautiful homes, sing carols in candlelit streets, enjoy historical re-enactments.

Best Anytime Activity: A hot stone massage (on a floating cabana! in a stunning cave!) at .

Best Beach: . A totally secluded escape surrounded by rugged cliffs at the end of a steep trail. Worth the hike!

Best Ho , an adults-only, cozy Victorian charmer on the western end of island.

Best Restaurant: in the City of Hamilton, for the dreamy sunsets, the view, and the incredible sushi.

Essential Souvenir: Custom-made sandals from in Hamilton.

My Happy Family

Sound Familiar? "I can't remember the last time we sat down all together for a meal without interruptions."

Best Holiday Activity: The on Christmas Day in Hamilton.

Best Anytime Activity: Jet-skiing through the Bermuda triangle, stopping to the fish at a half-sunken shipwreck.

Best Beach: in St. David’s, at the start of Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, is perfect for exploring, with a stretch of pristine sand, shallow waters, a playground, and Gombeys, the beach bar and restaurant for an easy, local lunch. on the North Shore has shallow waters and a protected cove, making it ideal for young swimmers.

Best Ho has apartments that feel like homes, with kitchenettes for in-house snacking. Conveniently located, it's great for multi-generational travel. The staff is lovely at family-owned , which has spacious private residences and a terrific restaurant, Coconut's, nestled in the cliffs overlooking a private beach. It’s tucked away, but close to public transportation for easy (and budget-friendly) access to the aquarium and other Bermuda attractions.

Best Restaurant: Kids can create their own pizzas at in Flatt’s Inlet.

Essential Souvenir: Colourful, Bermuda-print available at the Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport Duty Free and and .

I'm So in Love

Sound Familiar? "Everything about you makes me happy."

Best Holiday Activity: The annual Christmas Tree Bonfire on the beach. (Talk about lighting your fire.)

Best Anytime Activity: Horseback riding on the beach from November through March.

Best Beach: , where dramatic cliffs encircle the beach, forming an intimate, pool-like lagoon.

Best Ho , for its refined aesthetic and minimalist, modern feeling, and , an elegant, pull-out-all-the-stops luxury resort.

Best Restaurant: is beloved by locals for its farm-to-table goodness, organic and fresh fare, excellent craft cocktails, and outstanding coffee.

Essential Souvenir: .

The Adrenaline Junkie

Sound Familiar? "I have never met a challenge, experience, thrill, or adventure I didn't want to try at least once."

Best Holiday Activity: Elbow Beach Christmas Day Party, where the champagne comes first, and the ocean plunge soon follows.

Best Anytime Activity: Paddle boarding to a cliff-jumping excursion.

Best Beach: , where Bermuda locals helped American revolutionaries steal British munitions in the Gunpowder Plot of 1775.

Best Ho You won't get bored at the recently renovated , a resort in the city with its own marina, a superb art collection, Marcus Samuelsson restaurant, a private beach with a beach club, and a picture-perfect infinity pool overlooking the harbor.

Best Restaurant: at the Rosedon Hotel serves traditional and Southern-inspired cuisine in an award-winning setting. at The Loren is a local favorite with amazing views, a healthy farm-to-table menu, and a strong sense of place.

Essential Souvenir: (for guys or gals).

Plan Your Trip

Discover the top 15 reasons to go to Bermuda for the holidays, then .



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