Chicago, One Neighborhood at a Time

by Emily Fiffer
Photo: Courtesy of Lula Cafe

CHICAGO - Chicago is all about its neighborhoods, which have distinct personalities, scenes, and world views. You might be staying downtown or in the Gold Coast, but to get a feel for the city, go wandering.


Photo: Courtesy of Glazed & Infused


The Scene: Hipsters and foodies; indie boutiques and stunning Victorian mansions
The Stops: Granola from . Flowers at shop. Doughnuts at the window across from the Damen L stop. Tacos at . Dresses from . Staring in the mansions on Hoyne Ave.

Honky Tonk

Photo: Courtesy of Honky Tonk BBQ


The Scene: Every artist in town lives and works here
The Stops: Gallery crawls on the  of the month in the Chicago Arts District. Inventive spa treatments at . Vintage clothing for men and women at . Tres leches cake at . Dinner at hotspot . Late nights and live music at .

Morlen Sinoway

Photo: Courtesy of Morlen Sinoway


The Scene: Out with the meatpackers; in with the restaurants, cafes, and the people who love them
The Stops: Evaluate tomorrow's art stars at . Have a head-to-toe massage at . Channel the Rolling Stones in France at restaurant. Unearth a vintage fashion treasure at . Find something nice for the living room at .


Photo: Courtesy of Balena


The Scene: College kids and yuppies, strollers and ladies who lunch
The Stops: Zebras at the . on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Sweets from and pizza from . Theatrics at the Wizard of Oz-themed . and .

Longman and Eagle

Photo: Courtesy of Longman & Eagle


The Scene:Epicurians meet hipsters over the dinner table
The Stops: Sunday brunch at , followed by shopping at the . Cocktails, live music, and art at . Gastropub fare and cozy hotel rooms at . Nouveau yakitori at . Dumplings at . Artisanal craft beers with a shot of political activism at .


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