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At Conrad Hotels, Timing Is Everything

by Jeralyn Gerba

The city is yours for the taking. All photos by Jeralyn Gerba.

We're celebrating our favorite travel blogs and websites this week at Popupla, so it feels like the right time to add a new resource to the mix: recently launched their Conrad 1/3/5 program on , a compendium of recommendations for one-, three-, and five-hour activities for guests for a dozen of their global hotels (and counting).

And they're really good! Options range from super indie and insidery to classic and old-world to touristy but terrific. On a trip to the in London this winter, I had a proper English breakfast before strolling through (1 hour); had many, many whimsical cocktails at (3 hours); and spent a morning in a sunlit Belgravia boutique making candles with posh chandler (5 hours).  

Candlemaking at Rachel Vosper's fragrant boutique. 

Drink options aplenty at Mr. Fogg's.

The program, spearheaded by Conrad Director of Inspiration and former Travel + Leisure editor Nilou Motamed, caters to travelers looking for interesting cultural events, locally focused shopping, neighborhood hangouts, and off-the-beaten path experiences. Staying inspired is the goal, and everyone working at the hotel, from concierge to in-room dining to housekeeping, does their part to make the guest experience feel intimate and personal and inspired (it's a buzz word). The front desk helps guests parse particular recommendations; the cleaning staff leaves special extras in each room. I was traveling with an infant and received gifts of h toys, organic baby shampoo, and a Stay Inspired onesie that fit like a glove. 

Jeralyn's tiny travel companion tries out the hotel bed.

Strolling London at night.

But you don't have to be a Conrad hotel guest to be inspired by their suggestions — anyone can browse activities to fit their timeline. Using the free website, travelers can now save and share their Conrad 1/3/5 itineraries, access photos and maps, and craft their own agendas. It's a great jumping off point for any traveler to a big city: While up late at night with my six-week-old at the Conrad St. James, I watched several charmingly crafted videos about Tokyo coffee shops, soba noodle classes, and beauty products — and promptly started planning a trip to Japan. Good finds like that have an inspiring effect on traveling types.


For recommendations for things to do, see, buy, and try in twelve global cities (and counting), go to .

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