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Photo by James Fennell.

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One day far, far away, I imagine myself retiring to an idyllic country or beach home with limited cell phone reception and a garden that needs lots of attention. More often than not, this future house is located somewhere in France or Italy, but recently I came across this dreamy country home in Sri Lanka that has me rethinking my plans. – Berit, senior editor

Photo by Olivier Morin.

One of the things I love most about the World Cup, besides it being an excuse to bar hop around neighborhoods I rarely visit, is how it brings people together, even those who normally don't follow football year-round (myself included). The universality of the sport is reflected in this beautiful photo essay by The Atlantic showcasing soccer fields in unusual places around the world. – Daniel, editor

Peruvian Soccer Announcer
Photo by Angela Ponce / courtesy of The New York Times.

Look at this guy! Radio host Luis Soto, in his colorful serape, narrated Peru’s first appearance at the World Cup since 1982 in his native language. The New York Times did a fascinating story about him and the vocabulary he developed around soccer (the game wasn't around when the Incan language was developed) — which makes references that are more meaningful to those 11,000-feet-high-up in the Andes. For example, when a player kicked the ball with power, he had eaten a lot of quinoa. When an important goal was scored, the player had built roads where there were only narrow walking paths. When the team met defeat by Denmark, Soto announced that it felt like an emptiness in the clouds. – Jeralyn, editorial director

"Giant Piles of Garbage Win Big at Cannes" was the headline on the AdAge newsbreak I got Thursday announcing the Cannes Lion award for the BBDO's "Trash Isles." The playful campaign raises awareness about the dire plastic crisis plaguing the world's oceans, and specifically trash island, a mass if plastic the the size of France circling the north Pacific Ocean. The mass is so big, the theory is, that it should be a country with its own currency, called Debris, and United Nations recognition. The video, which is below, inspired me to . — Pavia, CEO

New Yorkers, mark your calendar. Next weekend (June 29 - July 1) several of our favorite female-led indie brands are joining forces to open a three-day concept shop in Bushwick. Popupla contributors Nicole Najafi (Industry Standard and Tio y Tia) and Yi-Mei Tuxes (Bembien) will both be there, along with brands like Peet Rivko, Caroline Z Hurley, and The Hobe. – Berit

Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel, has been a Hollywood mainstay since the 1920s. But their rooftop glamping site (queen-size bed, crystal chandelier, fur rugs), which is part of the Veranda Suite (ten stories up, 2,100-square-foot terrace, overlooking Rodeo Drive) is a first for the landmark property. In case anyone's worried about the place beckoning creepy-crawlies, things that howl, or, even the hoi polloi, fear not: "Picnic" favorites on the glamp menu include osetra caviar and s'mores made with 24k gold leaf. And rates start at $3,500 a night. – Jeralyn

Photo courtesy of Under Canvas.

I've kind of tuned out from the whole glamping craze (I even vowed to never use the word "glamping" again) until I discovered Under Canvas Zion and tuned right back in. This camp is made up of luxury tents — with running water and en-suite bathrooms — set on 196 acres in Zion National Park. They offer on-site yoga and massages and can organize a whole slew of adventure activities, such as canyoneering and hot air ballooning. Under Canvas (and, yes, glamping) is currently at the top of my travel wish list. – Amelia,

Photo courtesy of Beauty of Armenia.

These funky metal and plastic transparent treehouse domes at El Garden Restaurant are perfect for enjoying a sunset, especially on a cool evening — they're unexpectedly warm! From the hill they're perched on, you can see many of the mountains surrounding Yerevan, including Ararat, which translates to "castle of swallows" in Armenian. – Vahagn,

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