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by Team Popupla
A floating market in Banjarmasin, Indonesia, captured by @dryhenmiham.

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Kite-surfing in San Juan. Photo by Ross Beane / NY Mag.

An ode to the Nyuorican community in our hometown NYC: This excellent guide to San Juan, Puerto Rico, includes a high-low art lover's itinerary, an inside look at the local dance scene, a list of day trips from the capital, and tips on how travelers can help the island recover after the devastating hurricane. – Jeralyn, editorial director

Photo courtesy of Visit Scotland.

I'm preparing for my first trip to Scotland in a few weeks, my head full of images of misty moors and tartan wallpapers. And I'm spending a lot of time on web pages with titles like "." Dunrobin, in the photo above, has 189 rooms, which they probably needed because it's the northernmost castle in the country. I wouldn't want to leave either. - Pavia, CEO 

Photo by Hendry Hamim.

One of our most popular Instagram posts of the week is a photo of a floating market in Indonesia photographed by cultural documentarian and anagramer Hendry Hamim — who posts as both and . Not your normal Instagram fodder. – Jeralyn

Photo courtesy of B+B Bruurs.

B+B Bruurs is a design barn with a beautiful kitchen, outdoor fireplace, and swimming pool in the countryside of Brabant outside Eindhoven. Susan Bruurs and her husband took the space over from their parents and rebuilt it from the ground up, thinking through every detail, like the vibe of the bedroom, the wine they stock, and the pair of clogs they leave by the doorway. – Pauline,

Photo courtesy of Good Bank.

Good Bank is the world's first vertical farming restaurant. That means the leafy greens don't come from a field. Instead, you watch them grow right behind the bar, inside tall glass boxes. I never thought I would pay this much for just a salad, but everything I’ve tried has been delicious, so I keep coming back. – Christina,

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