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Popupla’s Weekly Travel Finds

by Team Popupla
Udaipur Photo by Chris Schalkx.

Every week, our team of travel editors and experts selects our favorite travel finds on the internet. For more of Popupla’s insider picks, subscribe to our newsletter. 

A new Malick Sidibé retrospective at the Cartier Foundation in Paris has me wishing for a trip to France. I would love to see his stunning black-and-white images of youth culture in Mali in person. – Berit, senior editor

This traveler put Rajasthan on his to-go list just to take a photo of the Queen's Chambers in Udaipur. I can definitely see why. – Daniel, editor

A travel trend here to stay (I hope): fitness studios for yoga stretching, cardio, and showering located in airports across the U.S.A. Look out for ROAM Fitness at BWI and beyond. - Jeralyn, editorial director

I love The New Yorker Radio Hour podcast. This week was especially great for "Love, War, and Sandwiches," a story produced with the Sporkful about the search for an unforgettable sandwich in Aleppo. This hit a personal note, because among the best things I've ever eaten on my travels was a chick pea soup in the Aleppo souk. Press play below to listen right now. – Pavia, CEO

This Japanese wreath-making workshop at London's Ham Yard Hotel is right up my alley. Known as shime kazari, the wreaths, which are adorned with good luck charms, are hung above entrances at New Year and are thought to keep misfortune and bad spirits away. – Berit

We recently ran a story about Trolltunga in Norway, dubbed the The Scariest Instagram Spot on Earth. This photographer hiked fourteen hours to capture a wedding on top of it. –Daniel


Photo by Christine Roy / Unsplash.

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