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Links We Love: 7/28/2018

by Team Popupla
Monet's Monet's Pond. Nemichi Shrine, Seki City, Gifu, Japan. Photo by Hidenobu Suzuki.

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? This mountain body of water in the Japan's Gifu Prefecture looks spectacular and otherworldly. - Pavia, CEO

Speaking of otherworldly, many people go to Iceland and photograph its fairytale-like natural beauty. This photographer went to capture its .– Daniel, Popupla editor

The owner of SoCal design shop , who worked for Calvin Klein and Armani before moving over to interiors, renovated a Santa Barbara farmhouse minutes from the beach. There's a retail shop on the ground floor and a chic apartment up top that will be available for rent on Airbnb starting August 1. - Jeralyn, editorial director

This Saturday, several Los Angeles buildings — the Broad, City Hall, and the Santa Monica Pier among them — will turn on what would have been his 58th birthday. The city of angels is becoming the city of gold. - Pavia

Not that anyone needs an excuse to go to Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland, but here's a timely one: This Labor Day weekend, they're hosting a with culinary events and workshops. - Pavia 

Copenhagen has a  run by a former ballet dancer-turned-hotelier. Somehow, this provenance feels significant. – Daniel

We updated and expanded our , which has the lowdown on more than 100 off-the-tourist-track eating and drinking spots. One of my favorite sections looks at the renaissance of Catalan small-scale cheesemaking and recommends places in Barcelona that serve new wave cheeses, like Poncelet Cheese Bar, where you can try everything from raw cow’s milk Puigpedrós to Llanut, a sheep’s milk cheese aged inside a fluffy nest of wool. – Yigal,

The city of Altona is now a part of Hamburg, but it wasn't always. It used to be on the Danish side of the border between old Germany and Denmark. Not even 200 years ago, you'd be asked for your passport if you crossed the street for a drink. You can find the . – Inga, Spotted by Locals

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