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Read-Up on Marrakech

by Team Popupla

We scoured the web to find the best articles, resources, and sites about Marrakech. Saving you hours and hours of mind-numbing research.

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, by Julia Earle-Levine (NY Mag, 11/29/12)
Enjoy the high life without breaking the bank.

, by Charly Wilder (New York Times, 12/23/10)
Bargains, bars, and baths. Start Friday night haggling in the souk and end with a Sunday morning visit to a hamman.

, by Alison Bing (BBC Travel, 10/13/10)
Let the kids run wild through the city’s labyrinth, or keep them entertained with a camel ride.

, by Maura Egan (T Magazine, 9/20/10)
From dawn to dusk around town. Also check out , , and on more places to sleep, shop, and eat.

, by Richard Alleman (Travel + Leisure, May 2010)
How the city has grown in the last four decades, highlighting places to stay, shop, and eat around the city.

(Goop, 12/6/09)
The actress shares her favorite hotels, restaurants, and shopping in the medina.

, by Shyama Patel (NY Mag, Winter 2002)
A three-day trip that starts with a night at the Marrakesh riad and a drive to Fez via Ouarzazate.

The Brit celebrity chef navigates the stalls and markets of the medina.


, by Kerry Christiani (BBC Travel, 5/30/12)
There are many schools in Marrakech to teach you how to work your tagine. With a focus on Berber cuisine.

(Legal Nomads, 11/8/11)
A closer look at the clay pot and the variety of dishes you can find (or learn how to cook yourself) in Morocco.

, by Antonia Quirke (BA High life, April 2011)
Explore Marrakech’s food scene from the main stalls in Djemaa-el-fna to the small alleyways with one of Morocco’s top chefs, Hamza Harrak. 


, by Ann Abel (Tablet, May 2012)
Some basic rules to keep in mind when navigating the markets.

, by Aoife O’Riordain (BA High life, February 2011)
A quick guide on where to shop from the center of the city to the out-of-town Sidi Ghanem.


, by Tahir Shah (The Guardian, 5/25/12)
Escape from the city to Tafraoute, where you can enjoy hassle-free shopping and a home-cooked meal.


, by Colleen Clark (BBC Travel, 08/08/11)
Modern alternatives to the traditional (and sometimes intimidating) hamman.

, by Joshua David Stein (05/17/10)
One in a series of a five-point Weekend Escape Plan, on Marrakech’s spas and bathhouses.