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Amalfi Coast / Capri shops

Sweet the memory is to me | Of the land beyond the sea, | Where the waves and mountains meet; | Where amid her mulberry-trees | Sits Amalfi in the heat.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

$1 - €0.91
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Face to face with your souvenirs. Photo courtesy of Emporio Le Sirenuse.


  • Capri, Beauty
  • Via Federico Serena 28
  • Capri, 80073
  • +39-081-83-75-335
  • | Email

The perfume company traces its roots back to 12th-century Carthusian monks, who distilled the island's most beautiful blooms into scents. Today the pretty, flower-filled shop sells fragrances for body and home.

Ceramica Artistica Solimene

  • Vietri Sul Mare, House and Home
  • Via Madonna Degli Angeli 7
  • Amalfi, 84019
  • +39-089-210-243

You've probably seen Ceramica Artistica Solimene's bright, colorful tableware and objects for sale throughout Italy and in overpriced housewares shops worldwide. The outlet sales floor at the company's factory in Vietri Sul Mare is a mess — tall, dusty stacks of plates are piled high on the massive warehouse floor, with little organization beyond size and type. For those willing to hunt, the reward (at a fraction of retail cost) is great.

Daniela Di Stefano

  • Capri, House and Home
  • Via Roma 57
  • Capri, 80073
  • +39-081-83-75-832

The designer showroom brims with pretty trinkets for the home: super colorful textiles, sea urchin sculptures, wine glasses, and horns — the classic Neapolitan symbol for luck.

Emporio Le Sirenuse

  • Postiano, Boutique
  • Via Cristoforo Colombo 30
  • Positano, 84017
  • +39-08-98-75-066
  • | Email

Le Sirenuse is already famous for , considered by everyone to be among the world's best. The restaurant is impressive, too. But the boutique is the unexpected find, the product of hotel owner Carla Sersale's impeccable taste and global wanderings. Embroidered pillows designed by Sersale, swimming trunks designed by Allegra Hicks, Indian scarves, and Le Sirenuse's signature Eau d'Italie fragrances.

L’Arte del Sandalo Caprese di Antonio Viva

  • Anacapri, Specialty
  • Via Giuseppe Orlandi 75
  • Anacapri, 80071
  • +39-081-83-73-583

No woman can come to Capri without getting a pair of custom-made sandals as a souvenir. Shops are everywhere at various price points, but Antonio Viva is a true artisan, a larger-than-life personality who tends the shop from morning until dusk. Shoes — in every imaginable color and style — are ready in 15 minutes.

Museo della Carta

  • Amalfi, Stationery
  • Via delle Cartiere 23
  • Amalfi, 84011
  • +39-089-830-4561

Take a highly educational and charming tour of Amalfi’s paper-making facilities through the centuries. Use the mill to make a sheet of your own paper to take home as a souvenir.

Pop Gallery

  • Anacapri, House and Home
  • Via Capodimonte 24
  • Anacapri, 80071
  • +39-081-97-80-513

Colorful ceramics, a speciality of the Campagna region, are sold everywhere. But this boutique skips the clichéd designs and carries high-quality plates, platters, and housewares from lines like Solimene. Sister shop next door carries a similarly impressive fashion collection.


  • Capri, Boutique
  • Via Emanuele 11
  • Capri, 80073
  • +39-081-83-77-023
  • | Email

Capri's fashion uniform — crisp linen in white, pink, and blue, for women and for men — gets an update at this new boutique.

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