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Paris shops

Paris is always a good idea.
- Audrey Hepburn

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A.P.C. Sur

  • Montmarte / 18th, Boutique, $$$$ $$
  • 20 Rue de Andre del Sarte
  • Paris, 75018
  • +33-1-53-63-43-79

A quintessential French brand known for clothing and objects with timeless appeal, the outlet offers half-off of last season's men's and women's collections. 

Astier de Villatte

  • Saint Honoré / 1st, House and Home, $$$$ $$$
  • 173 Rue Saint-Honore
  • Paris, 75001
  • +33-1-42-60-74-13

A dreamy hideaway for home decor enthusiasts with delicate dispositions. Pick up vintage-ish ceramics, Cire Trudon candles, dainty silverware, and a journal to keep track of it all. Remember to use inside voices.

Beauty Monop

  • Oberkampf / 11th, Specialty, $$$$ $
  • 64 Rue Oberkampf
  • Paris, 75011
  • +33-1-55-28-33-84

Make-up, skincare, and grooming junkies unite at Monoprix's beauty-focused destination for only-in-France products worth smuggling back.

The Broken Arm

  • Marais / 3rd, Boutique, $$$$ $$$
  • 12 Rue Perrée
  • Paris, 75003
  • +33-1-44-61-53-60

A little bit of everything for men and women living the thoughtfully arranged, artfully untucked, well-caffeinated life. Design magazines, insidery labels, and a curated cafe are just a start.

Buly 1803

  • St. Germain / 6th, Specialty, $$$$ $$$
  • 6 Rue Bonaparte
  • Paris, 75006
  • +33-1-43-29-02-50

Enter the luxurious fragrance shop and be transported back two centuries. The interiors evoke old apothecaries, with glass jars lining the dark shelves, a vintage scale on the marble countertop, gorgeous faded blue-green tiles on the floor. Pick up hand cream, soaps, perfume, and candles that come in a cute box that customers can select.

Cire Trudon

  • St. Germain / 6th, Specialty, House and Home, $$$$ $$
  • 78 Rue de Seine
  • Paris, 75006
  • +33-1-43-26-46-50

Open since 1643, the candle store and world's oldest wax factory is a delight to the senses. When you're done marveling at the stacks upon stacks of candles of different sizes and scents, pick up a few travel-sized candles for souvenirs.


  • Saint Honoré / 1st, Department Store, $$$$ $$$
  • 213 Rue Saint Honoré
  • Paris, 75001
  • +33-1-55-35-33-90

The famed concept shop (indeed, the boutique that originated the idea of a concept shop) is a multilevel exploration of all that is cool, from clothing and gadgets to books and beauty. 


  • St. Germain / 6th, Specialty, Antiques, Gallery, Gifts and Souvenirs, $$$$ $$$
  • 46 Rue du Bac
  • Paris, 75007
  • +33-1-42-22-30-07

Unless you are in the market for a full-size zebra or artfully executed mongoose tableau, treat this legendary taxidermy shop as you would a museum. 

E. Dehillerin

  • Les Halles / 1st, Specialty, House and Home, $$$$ $$
  • 18 Rue Coquillière
  • Paris, 75001
  • +33-1-42-36-53-13

Chefs and foodies flock to this old-fashioned and no-frills cooking emporium that sells everything for a well-stocked fantasy kitchen: baking supplies, cooking equipment, knives, plates, and, best of all, an endless array of cooper pots and pans. Avoid shopper overwhelm: Plan ahead with their .


  • Madeleine / 8th, Food and Wine, $$$$ $$$
  • 24-26 Place de la Madeleine
  • Paris, 75008
  • +33-1-70-39-38-00

Stop by the iconic Fauchon to stock up on serious chocolates, teas, pâtés, Champagne, and light, airy, colorful, ganache-filled macarons. Packages are gorgeously wrapped in signature black, pink, and gold.

French Trotters

  • Marais / 3rd, Boutique, $$$$ $$$
  • 128 Rue Vieille du Temple
  • Paris, 75003
  • +33-1-44-61-00-14

A remedy to the Goldilocks-esque fatigue brought on by sparse designer studios and mega department stores. This multi-lable, multi-level shop mixes clothing and accessories for men, women, and children from France's finest with smart home objects and exclusive products from around the world.

Inès de la Fressange

  • St. Germain / 7th, Boutique, $$$$ $$
  • 24 Rue de Grenelle
  • Paris, 75007
  • +33-1-45-48-19-06

A chic bazaar from the French fashion icon. Fall in love with the wicker hanging lights and rustic furniture, as well as the clothes, housewares, books, and other stylish Parisian essentials.


  • Canal St. Martin / 10th, Boutique, $$$$ $$$
  • 10 Rue du Château d'Eau
  • Paris, 75010
  • +33-9-82-34-78-53

Beautiful scarves, notebooks, bags, jewelry, textiles, and pillows — all Indian-made with a Parisian twist. Strike up a conversation wth the lovely founder Usha Bora if she's in town. The boutique has another outpost in the 9th on Rue Notre Dame de Lorette.

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La Maison Plisson

  • Marais / 3rd, Grocer, $$$$ $$
  • 93 Blvd. Beaumarchais
  • Paris, 75003
  • +33-1-71-18-19-09

A modern grocery packed with fresh produce, fine meats, and artisanal items. After selecting fresh ingredients for dinner, sit back and relax at the cafe.

Le Bon Marche

  • St. Germain / 7th, Department Store, $$$$ $$
  • 24 Rue de Sèvres
  • Paris, 75007
  • +33-1-44-39-80-00

Drawing locals and tourists alike with it's designer collections, fine housewears, and gifts, the legendary department store keeps shoppers close with the epic Grande Epicerie next door.

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Le Petit Atelier de Paris

  • Marais / 3rd, House and Home, $$$$ $$
  • 31 Rue de Montmorenoy
  • Paris, 75003
  • +33-1-44-54-91-40

A storefront of beautiful everyday ceramic housewares and objects made right there in the workshop.


  • Marais / 3rd, Gifts and Souvenirs, $$$$ $$
  • 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais
  • Paris, 75003
  • +33-1-42-77-00-33

Be charmed by three-story concept shop stocking covetable housewares, clothing, gifts, and flowers. Fall in love with the library cafe over an afternoon cup of tea.

Muriel Grateau

  • St. Germain / 7th, House and Home, $$$$ $$$
  • 37 Rue de Beaune
  • Paris, 75007
  • +33-1-40-20-42-82

A beautiful, spare space full of exquisite linen napkins, minimalist ceramics, and strong, statement-making crystal jewelry.


  • Étienne-Marcel / 2nd, Specialty, $$$$ $$$
  • 20 Rue Bachaumont
  • Paris, 75002
  • +33-1-40-26-46-03

Any mademoiselle worth her Number Five will expound on the importance of having a signature scent, but it's the pros at this 1,880-square-foot perfume mecca that will actually help you hone a fragrance to call your own.


  • St. Germain / 6th, Florist, $$$$ $$$$
  • 9 Rue Madame
  • Paris, 75006
  • +33-1-42-84-03-00
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Modern floral artistry in the hands of a former makeup artist results in dramatic bouquets laden with fresh cut blooms and romance. Particularly popular with those who prefer la vie en rose. 


  • Marais / 3rd, Specialty, House and Home, Gifts and Souvenirs, $$$$ $$
  • 20 Rue Dupetit-Thouars
  • Paris, 75003
  • +33-1-42-45-72-88
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Feeling bookish? Rummage the racks, stacks, and shelves of books and periodicals and find local fashion tomes, international photography fanzines, and the wild world of art and culture publications in between.

Shakespeare and Company

  • Quartier Latin / 5th, Bookstore, $$$$ $$
  • 37 Rue de la Bucherie
  • Paris, 75005
  • +33-1-43-25-40-93
  • |

Make like Ernest Hemingway and get lit at this legendary bookshop. Opened in 1951 as a tribute to the original (which closed permanently during the Occupation), the treasure trove of the written word has and always will be a meeting place for bespectacled bohemian culture.


  • Montmartre / 18th, Concept Store, $$$$ $$$
  • 16 Rue la Vieuville
  • Paris, 75018
  • +33-1-42-23-41-40
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A concept shop and exhibition space where vintage furniture and international art set the scene for of-the-moment designer clothing and accessories. Each visit yields unexpected delight.

Thanx God I'm a V.I.P.

  • Canal St. Martin / 10th, Boutique, $$$$ $$$
  • 12 Rue de Lancry
  • Paris, 75010
  • +33-1-42-03-02-09
  • | Email

Designer vintage from stylist Sylvie Chateigner and her sister Amnaye. Download their podcasts even if you can't make it to the store. 

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