I Have One Day

I Have One Day in London

by Team Popupla

Who said one day isn't enough to get a feel for the city? Here's a classic touristy single-day itinerary.

1. Contrary to the opinion that an English fry-up is the only way to go for breakfast, wake up and fortify yourself with the other proper English breakfast: a steaming bowl of porridge.

2. Take a leisurely stroll through the parks towards in time to see at around 11-ish.

3. Carry on along Birdcage Walk, following the sight of in the distance.

4. Spend an hour soaking up history in .

5. Carry on across Westminster Bridge and stop in the middle and ask someone to take your photo with Big Ben and the and the Thames in the background. (It's okay: They'll never see you again.)

6. Have you booked the ? That's your next stop. It takes an hour.

7. One more stop before a late lunch: Stroll along the Southbank and see . Yes, you've had a busy morning.

8. From here it's a quick walk to and the comfort of . Sit, relax, and eat before wandering the market (never shop hungry).

9. One pint too many with the oysters? A bit too much sampling at the market? Work it off by climbing the stairs of .

10. Then, after a quick doze in your hotel room, head to Soho for drinks or supper. Reservations are handy, if you know what you want, but you could just chance your luck at , , , or and finish your evening with a late-night coffee at on Frith Street.