How to Bring the Mountains into the Bedroom

by Team Popupla

So you don't have plans to whisk your sweetheart to a cozy mountain lodge for Valentine's Day. 

You can still bring some fresh mountain air into the bedroom. Here's how.

Create Your Own Cabin Retreat

1. Borrow or buy a  — something that looks like it belongs to an arborist.

2. Cook up a lumberjack breakfast: eggs, pancakes, bacon. And pair it with a bottle of . 

3. Tuck into breakfast with . Tuck into bed with .

4.  add a touch of woodland whimsy.

5. A small can be filled with a few twigs and berry branches to bring the outdoors inside.

6. Set the mood with a small .

7. And light a candle or two in the shape of .

8. For a truly sensory experience, spritz some  around the room, or bring in a few small fir trees.

9. After breakfast, get under the covers with the . 

10. Don't forget the .


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