Links We Love, 06/2/12

by Team Popupla

Links We Love, a compendium of what we're loving right now. Happy armchair traveling.

Pavia, founder/CEO

I've been on the road in Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and Croatia for the past few weeks with laughable internet access. Not that I'm complaining. The view of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic from my room at the just-renovated Villa Orsula is so hypnotizing I've forgotten how to type. Tomorrow the trip ends in Zagreb and I'm cramming by reading Anja Mutic's blog. I'm traveling with Anja, and she has introduced me to the coolest Croatians. On my agenda tomorrow after an interview with Forum: the Museum of Broken Relationships (really, who can resist?), snacks from the green market, and a meal at Lari and Penati.

Jeralyn, editorial director

What with Manhattanhenge and Ring of Fire solar eclipse, there's been a lot of intergalactic entertainment this week. After poking around the internet for photos, I saw that Swiss Miss posted a video of Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist and the director of NYC's Hayden Planetarium) getting asked about what happens when two black holes collide. The answer: backward time travel. Boom! 

Art goes outside: Mademoiselle Maurice is a French street artist who uses origami, lace, painting, and embroidery in her fleeting installations. The Rainbow series is my favorite.

Berit, assistant editor

My favorite part of kicking off the season is going through the New York summer guides put together by various publications. Vanity Fair has a reliable take on what's new and notable, while first timer Immaculate Infatuation offers a list of the best beer gardens and mini-guides to the Hamptons and the North Fork. The possibilities!

My favorite new travel read is the blog Roads & Kingdoms. A mash up of food, politics, music, and travel by Nathan Thornburgh and Matt Goulding. Favorite posts include a profile on an oysterman who doesn't eat his own oysters and a video on the happiness phenomenon in Denmark.