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Links We Love: 10/3/2017

by Team Popupla
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Here's what caught our eye on the internet this week.

Loving this , which highlights how different people live in identical apartments in one building in Bucharest. – Daniel, editorial assistant

How do families all over the world spend their vacations? The NYT has showcasing moms, dads, and kids enjoying smoke saunas in Estonia, sand baths in Japan, and picnics in Iran. – Jeralyn, editorial director

Ever a sucker for a good castle, I can't wait to binge on , Smithsonian Earth's new series about palaces that have been abandoned by humans and adopted by creatures. (If I were a falcon, I'd move into the Alhambra, too.) – Pavia, CEO

Closing out summer with a at how it's celebrated in Japan: Some , are held each season in a tradition dating back to the 18th century. – Daniel

("show") is a new documentary about a small Tuscan town that turns its civic life into a play every summer. . – Pavia  



Even the umbrellas are pink. All photos by Courtney Cain.

Hawaii: Legendary Waikiki Beach hotel has honeymooners thinking pink.

Paris: A honeymoon crib sheet.

Tuscany: Summer isn't over yet. Now is the best beach season.

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