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Links We Love: 10/28/2017

by Team Popupla
National Photo by Reinhard Görner.

Here's what caught our eye on the internet this week.

Ordering one of these to keep my iPhone charged on the go. – Berit, senior editor

Call Santi Moix a modern-day Michelangelo — the Brooklyn-based, Barcelona-born artist was commissioned to re-paint the interior of a town church high in the Pyrenees, and it's now something of a . – Daniel, editor

. Who would have thought? – Berit

My Modern Met pointed me in the direction of these from German architectural photographer . – Daniel

Intimated by the thought of traveling with a baby? (I am!) Bookmark this smart from photographer and food/travel blogger Beth Kirby (a.k.a Local Milk). – Berit


A personal altar. Photo by Gabriela Ramírez Càliz / .

Mexico: Three-day weekends from Mexico City

Mexico City: How to spend a long weekend in CDMX

Mexico City: Impressions from an insane lucha libre match.

Israel: Escapes for beach babes, design nerds, gourmands, and wine lovers.

Tel Aviv: How to kick off the Sabbath like a local.

Greece: Milos is the Solange of the Greek Islands.

Santorini: If it's romance you're after, try this cliffside hideaway.

Austin: When is a spa like a movie? When you go back for a sequel.

London: This spa is the elegant and exclusive relief your sore muscles crave.