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Links We Love: 12/22/2018

by Team Popupla

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I'm obsessed with this , an employee at Istanbul's Atatürk Airport who has been chronicling travelers flying through Turkey from around the world. – Daniel, Popupla editor

Kaikoura, New Zealand; Xiamen, China; and Puebla, Mexico are , according to Airbnb and based on their internal data of requests and wish listing. So much for Singapore riding on the Crazy Rich Asians wave. – Pavia

If you can resist the title , you are a stronger person than I. – Jeralyn, editorial director

I'm overdue a trip to Seattle, and when I go, I'm checking into the new . — Pavia 

A — down to the tatami mat floors and shōji screen doors — when it opens in March 2019. Tickets are $3.50. Full steam ahead. – Daniel

Part of my big, fat Italian-American family's holiday tradition is celebrating the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve, when my uncle cooks spaghetti bouillabaisse for fifty of my relatives. I am tempted to one-up him with this , sculpted and painted by hand in an old-school bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. – Jeralyn

If you find yourself in Amsterdam on a Wednesday or Friday night, stop into for a night of storytelling (in English!) and a side of hearty soup, beer, or cup of tea. The show is so popular it now commands a line (it started with a few people in a basement), but experience is worth the wait. – Ana,

If the hefty airfare has been keeping you from living your Tahitian dreams, there's good news: a new budget airline called offers more affordable flights to both Paris and French Polynesia. A one-way Paris flight starts at $189 and a one-way Papeete flight starts from just $330. – Amelia,

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