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Links We Love: 6/24/2017

by Team Popupla

Photo courtesy of the Judd Foundation.

Here are the internet happenings that caught our attention this week.

It's easy to get caught up in a trip itinerary, but to really enjoy vacation, you have to . – Daniel, editorial assistant

Fresh off a few days in Big Sur, I'm already mentally planning my next adventure in the great outdoors and will be consulting this . – Berit, editor

Speaking of our treasures, because of an executive order issued in April, , including the Marianas Trench in the Pacific, the least-explored spot on Earth. The #27Monuments Project is raising awareness through social engagement and actions. –& Pavia, CEO

Spirited Pursuit, one of our favorite travel blogs, created a outlining everything you need to do to prepare for traveling long-term. T minus six months! – Jeralyn, editorial director

An Australian photographer spent six months alone in Russia documenting the faces of. Prepare to be absolutely enthralled by his portraits. – Daniel

Summer Fridays are just around the corner and a visit to New York City's is at the top of my to-do list. – Berit


 San Jose del Cabo

Wave the flags! It's great down in Cabo. Photo by Jessica Cantlin.

Mexico: How long will Todos Santos remain the country's best-kept secret?

Todos Santos: The eco chic Hotel San Cristobal is now open.

Los Cabos: Baja Mexico's beach destination is better than ever.

Travel Loot: Travel goods to keep you inspired all summer long.