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Links We Love: 7/22/2017

by Team Popupla

A photograph by Marina Abramovic for "Women With a Camera" at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Here are the internet happenings that caught our attention this week.

I'm consulting our new travel deals page before I start planning an end of summer getaway. – Berit, editor

In 1997, a classified ad — no expedition experience necessary — received hundreds of responses. Listen to the crazy story of the trek. – Jeralyn, editorial director

Test your knowledge of the world with , which asks you to identify photos from the publication's 2017 Place to Go list. – Daniel, editorial assistant

Our pals at CoolHunting have announced their latest collection of customized for a very lucky recipient in your life who, hey, could also be you. – Pavia, CEO

The  has been in the works for five years and uses the latest in time-lapse, underwater, and aerial cinematography to explore humanity's relationship with technology and nature. In short, it's going to be epic. See for yourself in the trailer below. – Daniel

specifically targeting millennials and their values, which apparently include gastronomy and good design, but not, interestingly, low-cost fares. – Jeralyn

Wishing I had a trip to Chicago on the books so I could pencil in a visit to The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago's . – Berit


 South Africa

A view of the Cape wine country. Photo courtesy of Delaire Graff.

WIN! A dreamy trip to California's Big Sur.

NYC: A hip design hotel that feels like a steal.

Manhattan: The Soho address you can pretend is yours.

South Africa: A first-timer's guide to the Cape wine country.

Interview: Massimo Bottura is on a mission to the body and soul.

Summer Treat: A caloric, flaming American classic with a Belgian twist.

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