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Around the Web: 7/26/14

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The joys of camping. Photo: Courtesy of Hip Camp

What we're clicking on this week (when we're not thinking about life before aviation).

Now accepting reservations: , Republic of Zubrowka's #1 pick with 112 reviews (and counting) on TripAdvisor. – Berit, assistant editor

I'm not much of a camper, but that might change with new integrated maps with real-time availability for the best camping spots. – Berit, assistant editor

Popupla contributor Marianna Jamadi of Nomadic Habit, one of Popupla's 24 fave travel blogs, launched a new business: . It's called El Camino. – Jeralyn, editorial director

In an 1875 edition of The New York Times, the paper poses questions about . – Jeralyn, editorial director

Artist 's illustrations make. – Becky, editorial assistant

You can now choose your hotel. – Becky, editorial assistant

explores the world and its markets — in Bukhara, Hanoi, La Paz — through gorgeous photos and curated products – Pavia, founder

Surprise! There's pretty much no math behind . But the customers can't handle a more logical solution. – Jeralyn, editorial director


Alone but not lonely. Photo by Boris Ebzeev 

Running toward the best sandwich in Buenos Aires

Conquering Spain's best restaurants all by herself.

Adhering to these tips for dining solo.

Climbing Kilimanjaro. In heels.

Reading up on the 24 Best Indie Mags for Travelers.


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