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Links We Love: 8/2/2014

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Jump, jump! Photo by on Red Bull's Instagram .

What we're clicking on this week (when we're not lamenting the potential loss of America's favorite power couple slash speculating that it's a grand marketing ploy for their On the Run tour).

In the latest edition of Nowhere Magazine (one of our 24 Best Blogs and Websites), there's a photograph of from all over the States, Central America, and Europe. It can be yours for a mere $1,420. Or a kilo of cocaine. – Jeralyn, editorial director

Speaking of our 24 Favorite Blogs and Website, I love Katie Parla's story about . – Pavia, founder

I love the eye-popping digital prints of fashion designer Mary Katrantzou, and was even more impressed after coming across her past collaboration with Current/Elliott: a printed . – Jeralyn, editorial director

Hold onto your handlebars! I'm bookmarking Anthropologie's for a trip that is long overdue. – Berit, assistant editor

Custom postcards are just a click away with this straight from your phone. – Berit, assistant editor

sounds — and looks! — really unsafe. But okay, fine, it looks like a ton of fun, too. – Becky, editorial assistant

I'm obsessed with and all the ridiculously gorgeous locations where the dives take place. They just finished their fifth stop this year in Azores, Portugal. – Becky, editorial assistant


The new Clark Center and reflecting pool. Photo by Becky Cheang

Finding a quiet beach on the Jersey Shore.

Checking into a new private dining club and hotel in Quogue. 

Going off campus in Princeton, New Jersey.

Shopping Greater New York.

Eating around the world without leaving Queens.

Exploring the best of the city and country in Hudson, New York.

Stepped into a painting at The Clark, in Massachusetts.


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