Links We Love: 01/20/14

by Team Popupla

A preview of The Collective Quarterly's inaugural issue.

A weekly compendium of what we're clicking, viewing, and watching on the web (while catching up on Oscar nominees).

Feeding my magazine addiction: I pre-ordered the first issue of – Berit, assistant editor

The recently opened Hongkun Museum of Fine Art in Beijing .  – Becky, editorial assistant

Loving artist Bharti Kher's ! Download them through Sedition. – Jeralyn, editorial director

After dinner with Swallow founder James Casey, I read this Q&A with global scent expert . – Pavia, founder

My ultimate time travel fantasy is 1920s NY, but this  has me reconsidering cities. – Berit, assistant editor

My New Zealand plans keep falling through. This will have to do for now. – Becky, editorial assistant

The first . True cultural change in action. (Thanks, , for the tip.) – Pavia, founder

A truly for the 2014 Winter Olympics. – Jeralyn, editorial director