24 Best

The 24 Best Volunteer Opportunities Around the World

by Team Popupla

Lend a helping hand. Photo courtesy of .

We spend a lot of time thinking about — and planning for — trip experiences that go beyond the standard beach vacation. How can we connect with locals? Contribute to the economy? Make new friends? Make some meaning for ourselves? And do so in a dignified manner — without exploiting the environment or the people in it?

The world of volunteer travel is a tricky one, but we've found a number of organizations that take great pains to evaluate needs, give assistance with respect, and utilize the traveler's skills and resources to great, positive effect.

We searched, polled, interviewed, and collected anecotes from participants (incuding Popupla contributors) and organizers in the realm of health, food, environment, animal welfare, and education to assemble what we think are 24 great opportunities to do good wherever you go.

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