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Giving Back

We're Sending Good Vibes to Tanzania

by Berit Baugher

Popupla and Food52 fundraiser for The Small Things.

The amazing Popupla community out in full force. All photos by Daniel Schwartz.

NEW YORK - When we launched Popupla, it was with the simple mission of finding and sharing the world's most special places. Sometimes that's a restaurant, sometimes it's a beach, sometimes it's people making the world a better place.

Like , a non-government children's charity that operates in a village in the Meru district of Tanzania. It's an organization that we have written about before that supports and empowers happy families by creating sustainable, participatory, and evolving care plans for orphaned and vulnerable children and families.

When Michelle Russell, The Small Things' sponsorship and communications officer and a Popupla contributor, emailed her friends about a fundraiser she wanted to throw when she was in New York over the holidays, we decided we wanted to host it.

But it takes a village, and in this case, we had great partners. Co-hosts offered their beautiful New York City office for the event. prepared a bountiful spread of delicious cheeses and charcuterie, personally arranged by  chef Mike Price. and quenched our thirst with pinot noir and sauvignon blanc from New Zealand and vodka from a small town in Sweden — served by a delightful bartender from . gave us a gift card for necessities like napkins, mixers, and chocolate chip cookies.

Most importantly, our wonderful Popupla community came together for a great time. And they donated generously, raising $5,000 in a few hours, supporting a wonderful organization that cares for 100 Tanzanian children. If you're feeling so warm and fuzzy reading this that you want to donate too, . Thank you to everyone who helped us make this a great event!



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Berit is an editor at Popupla. You can follow her on and . She travels for sweets and beautiful design.

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