Eye Candy: You Are HERE

by Pavia Rosati

Agyness Deyn ponders the bright vastness of it all at the Phoenician Resort in Arizona.

Today I went to a hotel and saw a movie about three other hotels. It was more fun than it sounds.

It was the premiere of HERE, a short film directed by I Am Love's Luca Guadagnino, produced by actor/designer Waris Ahluwalia, conceived with Tilda Swinton, costumed by Heidi Bivens, and starring Agyness Deyn. It's an atmospheric love story in which a ridiculously well dressed girl follows clues scattered for her around nice hotels by a mysterious paramour.

The film was made for , a division of Starwood Hotels, and was shot in nine days at in snowy Vermont (starring amenity: a well trained falcon),  in parched Arizona (starring amenity: a shimmery pool), and in lush Oahu (starring amenity: the horizon). 

To hear the charming Waris tell it, the Luxury Collection was hands-off, and the "job" involved a group of friends who love to travel working very fast in renegade style and having a great time. Who wouldn't want to spend fifteen minutes immersed in that? The movie is languid travel porn and fashion porn. It's your eye candy for the day.


-  (Luxury Collection)
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