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How to Bring Paris into the Bedroom

by Team Popupla

Deliver Paris on a silver platter. Photo: Popupla

So you didn't take your sweetheart to Paris for Valentine's Day. 

But you still have time to take Paris home. With a little inspiration and ingenuity, you can turn breakfast in bed into a Parisian affair. Here's how.

Serve Paris on a Silver Platter

1. Borrow or buy a  — chrome, silver, copper will do nicely.

2. Set up a and coffee cup. give a nice touch of room-service class.

3. Serve a hot or crusty baguette on . Don't skimp on the French butter and . 

4. It's all about the details: Even the are French.

5. Pick up a copy of , one of nine beautifully printed paperbacks from Penguin's Great Love collection. Or read aloud from a smutty classic like Ana├»s Nin's or Marguerite Duras' .

6. For a touch of sweet that's not too saccharine, add in a few pink caramel hearts from .

7. Pull up the covers and play a soundtrack of soundtrack of French chansons.  is nostalgia Paree.  is like a cool breeze through billowing curtains. together sound like, well, like what you hope to spend the day doing.

8. A single, colorful flower in a . Isn't it romantic?


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