NEW! Popupla for Kate Spade New York City Guides for Paris, Rome, Mexico City, Charleston, Boston

by Team Popupla

All aboard for the latest installment of .

We have tried, tasted, swilled, shopped, strolled, snapped, researched, fact checked, mapped, and napped — to bring you a new collection of cities to covet. While we were at it, we updated and added to our own city guides.


A locale perfectly attuned to the kate spade new york sensibility.
| Popupla guide


At the center of a homegrown food movement.
| Popupla Guide


Fresh off a World Series win with new, cute shops and sites.
| Popupla Guide

Mexico City

One of the freshest, coolest cities we've ever visited, with the tequila tolerance to show for it.
| Popupla Guide


Otherwise known as Popupla's headquarters for the month of September. (Hey, it's the perk of running a travel site.)
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