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Best Way to See Rome? Join a Biker Gang

by Jeralyn Gerba
Scooteroma Explore Roma by motorbike. Photo by Maurice Carucci.

Calling all Vespistas! Our favorite tour guide in Rome, Annie Ojile of Scooteroma, takes us on a spin through one of her new routes.

A guided tour through Rome is a great way to get the lay of the land — possibly the best way when that tour is experienced from the back of a vintage Vespa (think about the wind in your hair!). 's tours are private excursions that are jam-packed but leisurely (this is Italy, after all) around all sorts of themes like street art, Italian cinema, and food. "See in four hours what would normally take four days," says Ojile. We like the sound of that.

But what can we see in four minutes? We asked Scooteroma to share a few of Rome's most stunning spots with us.


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