Best Day Ever

Pamper Me Perfect: A Day in Austin Done Right

by Shelby Meade
Photo: / Flickr

When Shelby Meade isn't bouncing between Venice Beach and NYC or living aloha in Hawaii, chances are she's keeping it weird in Austin. Here she gives us a play-by-play of the perfect day.

1. Wake up at the amazing . Delicious sheets and India cotton pillows surround you. Oh, what's this? Are you swathed in an amazing kimono robe with serape colors that was custom made for the hotel? Yes.

2. Walk out to the pool where in-house yogi Meghan Hughes will give you a simple, private Vinyasa class to get your body moving. After class, walk next door to for a coffee with a little steamed milk.

3. Back in your room, hit the showers and lather up with the amazing, locally made soap provided by the hotel. Get dressed in something cute from to ride the rentable from the hotel to on Barton Springs Road.

4. After a refreshing glass of Tigerlilly juice (next level cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, and wheat grass), you are ready to bike over the bridge for a much-needed massage at .

5. All that pampering makes you hungry. Ride over to for lunch in a stylish setting.

6. Post-lunch, head back over the bridge to to pick up things for home. The shop will ship them for you because you don't want to risk breaking your amazing new glassware by trying to balance it on your handlebars.

7. Time to get back up the South Congress hill. No trip to Austin is complete unless you gear up with gifts for your guys at .

Austin Sunset

8. Essential: a little nap.

9. After a costume change, it's time to meet friends at for a drink in the garden and then gather the troops for a dinner at . Pretend you've been eating chef Paul Qi's food since before he won Top Chef Season 9.

10. Depending on who's playing at , stop by for some music. You should also see what's happening at .

11. Back to Hotel San Jose. Sweet dreams.


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Photo (right): micklpickl / Flickr

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