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Forget the Rental. Rally the Gang and Win an All-Suite Vacation

by Team Popupla
Fairmont The sweet view from the penthouse at Fairmont San Francisco, . All photos courtesy of Suiteness.
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Hey! How great does this sound: Vacation with your best friends in a gorgeous rental home everyone is psyched about. The party starts at the airport.

Oh no. That home is owned by creepy hosts. Who drop by once a day "just to say hi." Two days in, you're really sick of doing the dishes. And why are those bath towels so flimsy?

Here's a better alternative to planning group trips: . It's a clever booking tool that makes it easy to travel together by combining the space and affordability of a vacation rental with the amenities, convenience, and security of a hotel — 24/7 free trip-planning assistance. (Why has this only come into existence now? Who cares. It's here.) And starting today, they're all month. (More on that in a minute.)

Chill in style at Proper San Francisco, .
A round of pool at the Penthouse Suite at the Fairmont San Francisco, .

Suiteness is the only way you can find and book connecting rooms and suites in hotels in all the places you want to go — Las Vegas, New York, Miami, New Orleans, London, and more — for at least half what you would pay for a two-bedroom suite. (Don't try to DIY this: You won't find inventory like this anywhere else.)

You could win $50 to $5,000 in booking credits daily. Increase your chances of winning by sharing with the friends you want to take on your next vacation.

So let's review what you get:

· Gorgeous connecting rooms and living areas for up to ten of your friends or family, with the right balance of privacy and shared spaces — without having to book multiple rooms.

· All the perks you love from a ho 24-hour room service, housekeeping, so many clean and fluffy towels. (Forget your toothbrush? Someone will bring one right up.)

· Access to a team of Ritz Carlton-trained concierges who can offer 24/7 assistance — for free! — on whatever you need to organize your vacation.

· Easy payment options over time and an easy way to pay as a group.

And what you won't get:

· No cleaning up after yourself. (It's not a vacation if you're doing laundry, washing dishes, and making beds.)

· No spending the flight worried that you might not be able to get into the home you rented.

· No creepy hosts.

Back to that giveaway: Starting today, September 17, Suiteness is for a month, until October 16.

Set a reminder to go to every day for up to three chances to unlock 13,000+ prizes and win credits ranging from $50 to $5000 toward your next trip. If you want to increase your odds of winning, you can refer friends — especially the ones you like to travel with.

Sporty style at Chicago Athletic Association, .