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Travel Tools and Resources

By popular demand, here are all the travel tools and resources on one page. "The single best page I've ever bookmarked," according to one very nice reader.

Know how a good hotel provides thoughtful and useful amenities like a sewing kit, a toothbrush, an umbrella? Think of this page as one part amenities mixed with two parts hack. If you have a favorite travel helpful site you'd like to share, please drop us a line so we can check it out.

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General Airline Search Engines
Do you need to check every search engine? Of course not. We've picked our favorites from dozens of options. When you find yours, stick to it. Generally speaking, prices won't vary that much.
 - crowd-sourced search; travel experts compete to get the best fares
 - streamlined search by price and agony; nice design
 - search by price and quality

- general search flights, hotels, cars; first in class
- general search flights, hotels, cars
 - specializing in complicated itineraries with flights, trains (Europe, India, China), driving, and ferries
 - specializing in around-the-world flights

- general search flights, hotels, cars

Budget Airline Search Engines
- specializes in spontaneous and budget travel; searches low-cost airline
 - meta-searches of cheap flights and hotels
 - specializes in low-cost airlines

- specializes in low-cost airlines; enables search by country and airport

Track Flights
- track by flight number, airport, route; best in class
- live flight tracking 

Compare Flights
- airline ticket comparison
- specializing in cheap flights
- track flights before you buy
- airline and airport reviews

Find a Good Seat

Frequent Flyer Miles
- deals, tips, and tricks
- info and advice for making the most of miles
- search airfare based on frequent flyer, hotel, and credit card miles and status
- a service to help maximize, understand, and use your miles
- tips and tricks for earning and using miles (fee-based)


Reviews and Information
- hotel reviews worldwide
- hotel reviews in major U.S. cities
- boutique and luxury hotel reviews and booking
- boutique and luxury hotel reviews and booking
 - charming and special places to stay in Britain, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain
- news, reviews, and deals worldwide
- search by preference; see room previews
- points program for indie and boutique hotels
- global collection of hotels with great views  

Home and Villa Rentals and Exchanges
Home rentals and small hotels for chic nomads (from the people behind , one of Popupla's 24 Favorite Blogs) - members-only home exchange service - auctions and sales on properties worldwide
- high-end European rentals
- worldwide rentals
- searches vacation rental sites
 - nightly rentals in homes
- house rentals, primarily in New York City and London 
- architecturally interesting rentals
- home stays and home rentals around the world

- luxury outdoor accommodations
- AirBnB for private gardens; big in the UK


Rentals - specializes in car rental in Europe
- specializes in car rental in Europe
- peer-to-peer carsharing 

Cars with Drivers
- order private car service online or by app; worldwide coverage - order private cars by text or app; in a handful of major U.S. cities and Paris
- order private cars, vintage limos, mini-buses, and even trolleys


Should I change money before I get to a foreign country?
No. You’ll get better rates in the country whose currency you want.

Where should I change money?
ATM machines are amazing: They're ubiquitous, always open, and consistently offer the best exchange rates. Most banks charge small fee for using foreign ATMs, but they're still the way to go when you consider the upside: convenience, not carrying around wads of cash or having to deal with travelers checks. Never get money at airport kiosks unless you're desperate for cash. (And there's no need to feel desperate: Airports have ATMs.)

I hate seeing "foreign transaction fee" on my credit card statement.
Everyone does. If you do a lot of overseas travel, it's worth signing up for a credit card that doesn't charge such fees and using that when you travel. Call your bank and ask, but excellent options include and . If you fly often with one airline, get more bang from your loyalty and purchases with a card like .

- currency conversion (with for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry)


To avoid having to check or carry your bags, these services will ship your luggage to your destination before you arrive. It's an expensive option, but could be smart if you only need your golf clubs for three days of a two-week trip. You could ship yourself using FedEx or UPS, but these companies offer better customer service. Don't forget to inform your hotel if you're shipping before you arrive.

- from the same people behind Luggage Forward with specialization in sports equpiment



- passport expeditors in U.S., U.K., Canada
- passport and visa expeditors in U.S.
- visa information by country


- saves your travel plans into mobile, shareable itinerary
- manage group travel
 - free travel blogs and journals (formerly Everlater)
- a mobile travel blogging tool for iPhone and Android
and - iPhone apps that make travel pictures look nostalgic the moment you take them
- a service that turns photos into postcards
- monthly subscription service that prints your best social photos
- figure out running routes in new cities

ASK FATHOM: We Solve Your Travel Dilemmas

General Advice
I'm Sick. What Now? Medical Advice
How Can I Get into Sold Out Restaurants?
How Can Credit Cards Help Me Travel?

Site-Specific Advice
What's Romantic in NYC?
What Doesn't Suck in South Beach?
How Can I Party in Berlin?
Can I Go to the Middle East?

Have a travel question that you can't figure out? We're here to help. Drop us a line at


- our favorite guides to NYC, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Tahiti
- cool travel agency with an inspiring website (full disclosure: Popupla founder Pavia Rosati is on the BT board)
- online world culture magazine from Black Tomato (one of Popupla's 24 Favorite Blogs)
- city guides with cool, hipster appeal
- pop culture travel guides
- plan trips based on local photos
- get personalized recommendations
- glossy magazine articles arranged by destination
- travel guides geared to modern gay travelers
- trendy finds in major US cities, geared to women (full disclosure: Popupla's founders used to work here)
- trendy finds in major US cities, geared to men


Books & Maps
- an excellent series of "Secret," "Forbidden," and "Unusual" guides to destinations around the world
- trend-focused, useful pocket guides
- tried and true maps with a waxy coating, so you can fold them a million times (in the rain) and they won't rip or get soggy
- small, compact guides with neighborhood foldout maps 
- historians, artists, and their clever ilk reveal favorite places in Italy, London, NYC

- excellent for finding small tours led by smart local guides
- find tours and experiences led by local experts  


- airfare alerts (iPhone)
- navigate day-of travel with info on airport wait times, restaurants, delays (iPhone)
- city guides with cool, hipster appeal (iPad, Android)
- currency converter (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry)
- coordinate airport pickups, tracking flight arrivals and traffic on the ground (iPhone)
- maps for airports and malls (iPhone, Android)
- last-minute deals on unsold hotel rooms

and - apps that make travel pictures look nostalgic the moment you take them (iPhone)
- a mobile travel blogging tool (iPhone, Android)
- identify mountain ranges on scenic drives or hikes (iPhone)
- maps and info about America's national parks (iPhone)
- turns digital pictures into snail mail postcards (iPhone, Android)
- send postcards from phone (iPhone, Android)
- an app that lets you share what you're eating (iPhone, Android)

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