Travel Loot

Get the Goods: Off to the Amalfi Coast!

by Pavia Rosati

Pavia on her way to dinner at Le Sirenuse in Positano.

In this week's Travel Loot, our new column featuring the travel stuff we're currently crazy about, Popupla founder Pavia Rosati is packing (lightly) for her Italian seaside jaunt.

I may run this travel website, but I never plan my travel in advance. I'm more "Jeralyn, I forgot to tell you I'm going to Amsterdam tonight" than "here's where I'll be in six months." Except for one standby: my annual summer trip to Lo Scoglio on the Amalfi Coast with my husband, my father, my father's girlfriend, and our good pals who join us from Paris, London, Rome, Vegas. It's a party, with lots of spaghetti. Here's what I'm packing for full Italian style.

1. The Right Bag

Basics first: I'll be gone for close to a month because before Italy, I'll be in London for a white tie for a ball in Cambridge. (What is white tie for girls?) So I have to pack city clothes and easy but chic beachy gear for Ischia and the Amalfi Coast. I'm psyched to carry my new ($180). I'm a luggage fanatic, and I've been admiring this one from afar for its compactness and its jewel colors.

2. Go-Anywhere Shoes

I'm a magpie for snakeskin. And eelskin. And tortoise. And crocodile. Clearly, I was a reptile in a past life. These adorable  ($259) will work on the plane, in the city, by the sea.

3. Simple Dresses

Easy. I need easy when I travel. Like this cool  ($145), new this season from Chance, the travel-ready collection by designer (and Popupla contributor) Julia Leach.

4. Sparkle

Packing strategy: Bring minimalist clothing and let jewelry make the statement. Like this gold-dipped  (£535). It's going to look so great against a tan.

5. Sporty Kicks

Another pair of shoes? Yes, but other than this, I'll be barefoot.  ($65) are the least comfortable sneakers I own, but they look so good. I've been buying them since I was 15. Once Italians find a trend, it takes them forever to shake it, though sneakers are especially right for this season. And in this color!

6. The Souvenir

Last summer, when I Instagrammed the above photo of me on a Riva on my way to for dinner, a dozen friends asked me to stop by the hotel's incredible gift shop, , to pick up lotions, perfumes, anything.  (€125) seems like an especially appropriate (read: wanderlust-inducing) scent to carry back.


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