Travel Loot

Get the Goods: Northern Stylings

by Jeralyn Gerba

Have yourself a grand European vacation. Photos (from top left): the great outdoors (photo by @valahalldorsdottir); Picto wrist watch (photo: courtesy of Finnish Design Shop); Velorbis bikes (photo by @ for ); Nina Z clog (photo: courtesy of Scandinavian Grace)

Pretend you're on a European vacation. Get into the bike lane and ride like the wind.

1. Tour de fill-in-the-blank.

There's no better way to get around winding canals and cobblestone streets than on the Cadillac of two-wheeled cruisers: a top-quality, sit-up-straight . A handmade leather snaps to the frame, waiting for a ride to the next dinner party. Affix to the rear tire as a classy carryall solution on long jaunts. 

2. Host a proper picnic.

Spread a on a grassy knoll. Have a : a French triple-crème, tallegio from Northern Italy, goat cheese from England, and Scotch biscuits, , and a crusty baguette. Italian  keep crudité in place. A  make for easy packing. Disposable are lighter than silverware and feel better than plastic. 

3. Keep it on your person.

Keep your balance by traveling light. Track time with a . Mop a brow with a . Pedal around in .


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